Friday, November 10, 2017

The Rest Of Ken Szekretar's Cars (from the '60s)

Although one of Ken Szekretar's cars has been previously
featured on this blog (his '51 Ford, on the Dec. 5, 2010 post),
he had several other notable drives back in the day.
Of particular interest was this 1958 Chevy Impala 2-door hardtop.
The car was nosed and decked, painted a metallic silver-blue,
wore '57 Plymouth wheel covers, and sat on a "rake."

The engine was production 348 cuber with
three carbs, a mild cam and solid lifters.

A year or so later, Ken bought a 1960 Corvette;
it was basically pretty stock when he got it.

 Ken added a Fuelie cam and solid lifters, four-barrel carb, and
Fuelie heads to the engine. Power went through a 4-speed tranny

Ken next worked on the body, shaving unnecessary chrome,
removing the front bumpers, and reworking the grille opening
into a rolled pan effect. New paint was a dark metallic blue.

Frosted white plexigrass lenses were used in the opening
under the headlights for the parking lights and turn signals.

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