Friday, November 10, 2017

Doug's Wheels in the 1960s

While in high school, one of the other gear heads I met
was Doug Maloney, from Glendale, Queens.
He had been building a '32 Ford coupe during the same time
I had been working on my '50 Merc (see the first post on this blog).
Around the time we graduated, I stopped over to his
house to see his car and grabbed some photos.

Still a work-in-progress when I visited,
the five-window coupe had been channeled 11-inches;
juice brakes and a '56 Ford steering box were installed,
along with a dago-ed front axle.

The engine was a completely rebuilt '56 Olds,
running nearly stock, with lots of chrome;
transmission was from a '39 Ford and the rear from a '40.

I was with Doug the first night he took the car out on the road;
among the first destinations was the White Castle on
Union Turnpike, in Fresh Meadows (that place no longer exists).

 After selling the '32, Doug bought a '41 Ford coupe
and started working on that. He showed up at
my house one day and I got a few photos of it.

 The body was basically stock but he installed
high-compression heads and a Mallory ignition on the engine.

Before he could complete any other modifications to the '41,
he blew the clutch,  sold the car, and bought a '57 Chevy convertible.
(All photos were shot in front of my old Richmond Hill home.)

The Chevy ran a stock six (in spite of a "V"
on the continental kit spare cover).

Doug's next car was another '57 Chevy;
this one was equipped with the 283 V8 "Power Pack"
(four-barrel carb and dual exhausts)
and a Turbo-Hydromatic transmission.

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