Thursday, November 9, 2017

More of Alley Oop's Friends Cars (Jim Mongelli)

My previous blog post remembers cars owned by Frank Gesuldo,
otherwise know as Alley Oop. I'd often meet some
of Frank's friends when I hung out at his house and
that's where I met Jim Mongelli, from Glendale, Queens
(correct spelling of names is not guaranteed).

Jim owned and built this '55 Chevy Corvette
featuring some novel bodywork over the headlights,
a modified grille and housing, and '59 Caddy
tail-light lenses in the rear, among other things.
It was painted candy-apple red;
I'm sorry I couldn't afford color film at the time.


The engine in Jim's 'Vette was a 327 Cubic-incher
with a fuelie cam, solid lifters, dual quad carbs, and
it was mated to a beefed-up Powerglide.

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