Monday, April 26, 2010

Sittin' On The Side Of The Road

Many times when we visit our daughter in Wallingford, CT, I drive down Pent Highway as a shortcut around traffic to Route 5 (North Colony Road in that area). And, every time I do, I'm greeted by this view on the side of the road, of a bunch of vintage cars just rusting away. Most of them are from the 1940s or 1950s and have had work performed on them but most are in need of a lot more work before they could be put back on the road.
(Click on any photo to enlarge it)

After some snow hit the area this past winter, I happened to have my camera with me so I stopped to take some photos. I also met the owner of G & J Body Shop (whose name I've forgotten) who also owns all the cars. I asked him if any of them were for sale. He said, "They're ALL for sale; I'm looking to sell them so I can buy more property."

So, if anyone is interested in a project, you might call (203) 265-7066 and tell them you're interested in one of the old cars. The body shop is at 17 Pent Highway, between N. Plains Industrial Highway and Route 5; the cars are in a nearby yard by J & J Custom Cycles (next to the railroad tracks).

This '47 or '48 Ford convertible is in probably the best shape of the cars from that decade. It's got a chopped top, some dechroming, but not much else has been done to the body.

This looks like a '65 Ford Fairlane but I could be wrong; that's not one of the cars I consider myself and authority on. Actually looks like it's in the best shape of any of the cars.

Judging by the rear window in the first (overall) photo, this looks like a '50 Merc two-door sedan that has a chopped top and some radical headlight treatments that were never finished. The hood corners were also rounded but the trunk lid is missing and there's lots of work needed to put it on the road again.

Next to the Merc, you can see a '52 or '53 Ford two-door hardtop which I forgot to get a photo of. The body looks pretty good but I think it needs interior work.

I believe this is a '41 Ford Coupe and, if I were younger and had a little extra cash, I'd have bought this thing and taken it home already... I always wanted a '41 Ford coupe! It looks stock as far as I can tell.

The original engine is under the hood but needs some obvious work (including a carburator, which is missing).

In the back of the building are more old vehicles; judging by the fenders and grille shell, this looks like a '34 Ford truck to me (possibly a dump truck).

Judging by the parking lights, this is a '46 or early '47 Ford coupe in pretty much stock (and rough) condition.

And, again from the parking lights, this is a late '47 or '48 Ford coupe. If I remember correctly, this one had some damage to the right-rear quarter section.

This looks like an old Ford frame with a late-model Chevy engine; whatever it was, it looks like it caught fire at one time.

Also on the property are some garages that people rent from the body-shop owner. One of the renters owns this '55 or '57 Studebaker pick-up truck. (This one's used every day and NOT for sale.)


Karl-Erik said...

Those are nice objects for someone with the time (and a few $$$). I hope someone sees them and so at least a few of them could be given prper homes...

Ken B said...

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that happened; they're like the homeless cats and dogs at the local pound- just waiting for someone to stop by and adopt one. -Ken

Blake Barros said...

Great article. I actually now own the '50 mercury from your pictures here. Picked it up a little over a year ago from a swap meet. Found this article a few months after getting the car so its nice to see a little about the history of it and enjoy its little bit of internet fame here.

Ken B said...

Blake: Thanks for the update (sorry about the delay in getting back to you).