Monday, January 18, 2010

Oyster Bay Cruise Nights, 2009

Many communities and towns have cruise nights where people bring their antique, hot rod, customized, or otherwise collectible vehicles on a particular evening and display them so other folks can appreciate them. The town of Oyster Bay, Long Island (New York) reserves Tuesday nights from May 5th to September 29 for their events. A stage is also set up and there's always some kind of entertainment going on for everyone's benefit. Admission is free for onlookers and participants pay $5 per vehicle to display.

Following are some of the rides I photographed on two separate nights this past summer and fall of 2009. I may add some comments but I'm not going to include a lot of data on each photo as I didn't take notes and don't want to post any incorrect information. Perhaps you'll be able to identify all the makes, models and years yourself; hope everyone enjoys.

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As always, click on a photo to enlarge it.

There are also many cool cars in the surrounding parking lots
that are not part of the formal display. This 1951 Mercury was one such vehicle.

There are always plenty of stock (or nearly stock) vehicles on hand
like this this 1951 Ford...

and this 1953 Mercury two-door hardtop.

The engine from this old ice-cream truck is shown below.

This may look like just another mildly-customized Chevy
from the 1950s but the workmanship and paint on this one is superb!

This is a new car being custom-built in limited numbers
on a Corvette chassis called the Chevy 789;
it's got the front end appearance of a 1957 Chevy,
the side look of a 1958, and the rear of a 1959 Chevy.


Kate said...

I'll definitely make sure Scott gets to see this entry.

Karl-Erik said...

Nice! Brings back memories from last summer!

Wren said...

Oh my goodness, I have stumbled upon a gem! I love to reminisce and thank you for offering this opportunity to do just that via your blog.