Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunrise Drive-In Theater, Valley Stream

I thought I'd post some of my original "coming attractions" flyers from the Sunrise Drive-In Theater; it was located on Sunrise Highway, just across the Queens/Nassau County line, in Valley Stream, Long Island (New York). Judging by the films being shown, these appear to all be from 1963 and 1964. They were designed to be folded into "thirds" so that the side with their logo on it would serve as a "mailer."

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Note the following flyer printed in green, to commemorate Christmas time. The drive-in was open all year long and offered "Free In-Car Heaters," among other things. Note the film, "Mermaids of Tiburon." That's a town in California that Hyundai named one of its cars after.

I had to include the following flyer since it includes the ad for "PT 109," a movie I sat through three times (on three different occasions) since I was dating three girls within the time period it was in theaters and took each one of them "to the movies.".

I found the following photo of the Sunrise Drive-In on two other websites devoted to old drive-in movies; it was submitted there by Dominic Scalzo.

For additional memorabilia on old drive-ins, check out:

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