Friday, June 24, 2011

Ancestral Home in Hoechstadt an der Aisch

In doing my genealogy research I had found my maternal grandmother came to America from Germany and was originally from somewhere in Bavaria. But, without knowing exactly which town in Bavaria, I could not begin to search further since records were traditionally kept in the Churches of the individual towns.

Last year, I located Peter, a distant cousin in Germany whose grandmother was a sister to mine. Not only did he tell me that the women were originally from Hoechstadt an der Aisch (on the Aisch River, in Bavaria) but he also traveled to the town to take some photographs to send me.

St. Georg Church, in Hoechstadt, where our grandmothers were baptized.
(Photo downloaded from an online site)

Peter took the above photo of the site where our grandmothers' childhood home stood.
While there, he met a woman who lived above the first floor store and told her why he was photographing the building. She told him she had an old photo of the previous building that occupied that location and gave him a copy (reproduced below).
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Although the photo appears to be from the 1960's (judging by car in the driveway, and the miniskirt on the woman) the house was basically the same as it was in the 1800s.

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